Become a Member – PrimeTime offers many opportunities to get involved with the organisation.


Board : PrimeTime Board Member, responsible for an area or team

Deputy: Deputy to a Board Member

Program Leader:    Responsible for the events of a program

Team Member:       Supports the Board, a Deputy or Program

Serving on the Board of PrimeTime was a fantastic experience , both professionally and personally. Professionally, I gained, invaluable insights info what it takes to run a non-profit organisation, ranging from governance to ethics issues.

My term at PrimeTime helped develop my organisation skills, team-bulding skills, time-management and leadership skills, and provided me with more visibility, all of which has been useful for my professional career.

Supriti Bezbaruah

Research Fellow with the International Longevity Centre Singapore Secretary at PrimeTime Board 2016

To know more about how to become a Board Member or lead an event or program, please contact volunteer@primetime.org.sg.