The Finance Program is a sub-group model designed to support the growth of women in this area through facilitating both knowledge and an in-depth exchange of professional and personal knowledge. Joining for the series creates a community through continuity and confidentiality.

This series comprises 5 sessions focusing on three themes over the year with a kick off at our first meeting. We know people travel – and will provide a recap for those whose schedules take them out of town.

For Women with Vision, do you want to take the next step in your career? Are finances and financials something you want to be on top of? Is your world changing as fast and as much as ours? We will talk money and life rather than technical details. This series welcomes any woman who wants to get on top of these questions as part of a group who meets to explore (our speaker), reflect (our discussion) and act (individual choice). Part growth, part support, this program is for you.

Our speakers are each successful professionals who will share their insights leading to our own facilitated group discussion so that each of us is on top of both money and life. There are a limited number of spaces (15) so join us now for:

  • Women and money:  How do we manage personal finance, volatility, international moves, multi-national partners, changes in relationships, philanthropy and the impact these have on our well-being? The challenges and risks when dealing with the curly corners that can create problems down the track. (This is not about portfolio management – it is about the mindset of managing money.)
  • Managing careers: How do we as individuals navigate, engage, mentor, network, grow, (re)join or exit workplace as companies restructure, work relocates, children grow, parents age and our interests change? The choices, implications and issues faced by each of us as our life changes and personal and financial needs change. (This is not about career management, this is about navigating the shifting sands of life.)
  • The world around us: Exploring ‘the major shifts’ that we may face personally and professionally as macro economic trends and long term perspectives change. How do we make the most of opportunities? How do we protect ourselves from the down side? The big picture of our world influences where it is best to be. (This is about knowledge and directions, not about stock picking.)

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PrimeTime is looking for 2 Co-Chairs for the Finance Program, please contact or for more information