As most of us are busy with careers, friends, and family, it is easy to  miss Singapore’s vibrant arts scene,  which can educate, enrich, and  entertain us. Finding out what’s on offer and choosing an event takes time  and effort. The Arts Group provides an opportunity for PrimeTime members with an interest in arts and culture to meet, network, and enjoy a performing or visual arts event. Events range from concerts to theatre productions, art  gallery showings, art house films–in fact, any exhibition or event which we feel might be of interest to PrimeTime members. We welcome PrimeTime members’ guests and spouses to join us for The Arts & Culture Group events.


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Arts & Culture Co-Chairs

Victoria O'Collins

She loves advancing scientific ideas into practical realities that make life better. And as a neuroscientist with qualifications in law and commerce she gets to do exactly that.

Building on her zest for the challenge posed by science of reducing complexity to gain insight, she has spent the last 10 years developing tools and treatments for people with stroke at the Florey Neuroscience Institute, National Stroke Research Institute and University of Melbourne. What she also enjoys about science is that it develops resourcefulness, structured creativity and the confidence to move into uncharted territories.

On a trip to Rome at the age of nine, she discovered her passion for travel and other cultures. Her suitcase has been ready ever since. As part of her law degree, she studied international law at the University of Amsterdam. In pursuit of science, she has presented at numerous international conferences and worked as a visiting scientist in Scotland.

After her relocation to Singapore, she fully immersed in Singapore's dynamic entrepreneurial environment and she discovered Singapore's vibrant arts community through co-chairing the PrimeTime Arts Group.

As a passionate supporter of scientific entrepreneurship, she is co-founder and co-chair of the Australian Science and Innovation Forum. With a growing team of dedicated and driven early and mid career professionals, they are working towards promoting the development of products from scientific advances and helping others do just that.

In her free time she enjoy hanging out with her kids, scuba diving, learning Chinese, traveling, trying and mastering new things and meeting interesting people.

Noemie Alintissar-Mooney

Noemie is a passionate & innovative business developer, bringing over 10 years of international experience selling business-to-business solutions and building complex & collaborative relationships with fortune 500 companies.

Noemie has lived in France, Ireland and has been calling Singapore home for the past 8 years.

Noemie is currently with TransPerfect Legal Solutions, where she promotes eDiscovery technology & legal support services to law firms & corporate legal teams in Singapore. Noemie is also the founder of The Good Art Social, a social enterprise helping Singapore companies engage with Singapore's disadvantaged communities through art-related corporate social responsibility programs & outreach initiatives.

Noemie holds an Bachelor of Science in Management (Honours) from University College Dublin and is currently studying the Strathclyde MBA part-time with Strathclyde Business School.

Marcella Monti

Marcella is a creative person and an experienced Visual Effect Supervisor for TV commercials.

Originally from Italy where she spent most of her life, she then sailed to New Zealand following the wind. She lived there for a while and got the citizenship because this is the country she loves.

Her formal education is in Design from IED in Milan - Italy. Her experience is in different aspects of design with a specialization in the digital side, video postproduction and web. She has worked in Italy, New Zealand and in Singapore where she now lives. She moved to Singapore in 2010, and she worked for a Singaporean company as Visual Effects Supervisor for TV commercials for 6 years.

She is passionate about jewelry design and in the last few years she spent her spare time learning how to design and fabricate jewelry in precious metals. She likes to think that her passion for jewelry design started as a child when she used to visit her grandfather’s goldsmith office. She was fascinated by the care with which her grandfather handled each piece, and the stories they revealed.

Just recently, Marcella has left her full-time job to pursue her passion. Now she is developing her own business called “Segni di mare” that means: “Signs from the sea”... the amazing world from where she takes inspiration for her creations. She believe that making what you enjoy to do makes you feel free. she loves anything about the sea: sailing, diving, swimming, or just looking at it.

Marcella is also volunteering with IWG - Italian Women’s Group in Singapore in Charity and Social events and she loves it! And finally, having more time, she enjoys travelling, meeting new people and listen to all the incredible stories that they can share.