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About us

The journey that we Choose…

“I’m glad to have a lot of friends in my school time. Just like other passionate youths, we are all excited to do something that matters in other people’s lives. Some wanted to be respected engineers; others were trying to start something on their own. Starting a business in school year, we thought it is awesome! As thing went on, some of them came to me and complained that if only they have their own website, their journey would be much easier. Facing the reality, it was really expensive for them, not to mention that they had no technical knowledge about websites. The idea was there, but not until I met my friends, Linh & David, I realized we could actually do something about it. Therefore, we founded Inspius™. Our wish is to make amazing websites affordable to everyone, even those who have no technical understanding.”


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Who We Are

  • Inspius™ is a group of diverse and self-motivated young people. Each of us comes from different background but we share the same passion for internet technologies.
  • We devote our utmost effort to deliver professional web services to every customer at highly affordable price. We try whatever in our capability to ensure that we ourselves are proud of the end products. We believe that every single website does embody our core values. For us, it’s not just about work. It’s also about keeping the promise we made to our customers and to ourselves
  • Our team understand that the most amazing website is the one that can sell your business successfully. We strongly believe in our capability in building wonderful website which connects the business with targeted audiences. If you are waiting for such a website, you are on the right track!